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Martial arts: Develop body language awareness, self-defence positions (in preparation for situations that are unavoidable) and stress management techniques;

  • Martial arts with fitness:  Building body strength, agility, flexibility and increasing reflex speed;

  • Self-awareness: Developing boundaries, recognising personality elements that can be developed and managed to work to one’s advantage;

  • Confidence building: Recognise and safely develop confidence, inner strength and self-belief (this will help to shift personal perspective by opening up to one’s abilities and having confidence to use the tools learnt when appropriate);

  • Conflict resolution: Equipping attendees with tools to help them view more threatening situations with a sense of calm (this will enable them to take a more objective view in regard to next steps).

The result of these individual goal elements combined can result in an overall major shift in self-confidence, perspective and reaction to situations.


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